Gritmaps Issue #1 (Northeast) is almost sold out (whoa!), and Gritmaps Issue #2 (Arkansas and Missouri) is almost ready!

Now, I’m starting to work on Issue #3 (Texas, New Mexico and Arizona), and am excited to announce that I will be accepting submissions for those who wish to contribute to Gritmaps Issue #3!


Submissions should be one page each (multiple pages will be considered individually, as separate submissions): pages can be a map to a campsite/hike map, writing, or a combination of both. Submissions should be handwritten/drawn (nothing typed), be entirely in blank ink (no greyscale or color),and be on plain paper, please (no lined/notebook paper).

Note: Here, a “page” doesn’t mean a full page of text. It just means one side of a paper (approximately half the size of standard printer paper), however or however much you choose to fill it.

SUBMITTING A MAP: Campsites (in either Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona) should be free, public, specifically designated as a campsite (no stealth required), and be a lesser-known site (we want to lessen our impact by using less trafficked areas, instead of overusing the most popular spots). All campsites should have 2WD road access (no 4×4 or backpacking/walk-in sites). Hikes should be do-able in one day and be on public land. Finally, you should have hiked the hike or spent the night at the site in either January or February 2021 (we want to know how the campsite/hike is in WINTER — snowy is fine).

SUBMITTING WRITING: Writing should focus on one of the following themes: low impact camping/travel, leave no trace, wilderness ethics, perseverance, resilience, grit, outdoor living, van life, hope, counter-culture, resistance, etc. Writing isn’t required to relate directly to the geographic region, although it should relate to the themes. Feel free to set up the page however you like (don’t feel obliged to fill the entire page or write in straight lines).


You can submit as many pages as you’d like; they will be considered independently. If accepted, contributors will be paid $10/page (via PayPal or Stripe), payment upon publication (late March or early April). This zine has never been a money-making venture, but it’s still important to me to pay people for their work. I would expect contributors to spend under an hour per page (remember: sketch maps and expressive scribbles, not artistic perfection), in order to pay a decent hourly rate for accepted pages.

To submit, email a high-quality scan of your page(s) as an image (NOT a PDF) to before February 15th, 2021. Please check out existing issues to get a sense of the zine, and feel free to email any questions to

If accepted, you maintain ownership of and rights to your work, including the right to submit and publish elsewhere. By submitting, you simply give permission for your work to be included and printed in Issue #3 of Gritmaps.

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