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this month has taught me how much I rely on public libraries. they are beautiful places, but now they are closed. at least, they’re closed in new mexico, where we’ve been living recently. we don’t have solar panels, at least nothing large enough to charge a computer. i’ve got written pages needing to be scanned,Continue reading “powerless.”

winter van-camping

it’s been cold, lately. it’s currently snowing where we are, which is never something we really wanted. but, we’re literally going diamond mining tomorrow. apparently that’s a thing in arkansas. i didn’t know what to expect from missouri and arkansas, other than that they were between us and the warm sun rays of the southwest.Continue reading “winter van-camping”

22 copies

so far, people have bought 22 copies of gritmaps. just a month ago, gritmaps was nothing more than a figment of my imagination. it was a pile of sketches and papers, maps and drawings and writing and lists and GPS coordinates of beautiful places. when i put it all together and printed 100 copies, itContinue reading “22 copies”

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