winter van-camping

it’s been cold, lately. it’s currently snowing where we are, which is never something we really wanted.

but, we’re literally going diamond mining tomorrow. apparently that’s a thing in arkansas.

i didn’t know what to expect from missouri and arkansas, other than that they were between us and the warm sun rays of the southwest. while we’ve had our fair share of grey, these states have also had some of the most amazing free campsites. we’ve stayed right on the waterfront several times, and once on top of a hill in a forest so silent i could hear my breath cracking. we’ve watched the sunset over the most peaceful of lakes, burned our tongues on boiling water straight from the earth, and gaped at the stars on frigid nights.

winter camping is something else, no doubt. cold, clear mornings. campsites all to ourselves. beautiful, frosted hikes from storybook pages.

so, while december is only one month, and missouri and arkansas are only two states, i’ve been thinking of sharing my newfound appreciation for these backroads.

the second issue of gritmaps will be a mini-issue about missouri and arkansas. keep your eyes peeled, and thanks to everyone for all the love and support.

be well, travel safe.

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